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In this module, you will get the recipe to the secret sauce for Facebook Marketing. You’ll learn how to merge, migrate your Facebook profiles and business page and make a super amazing impression on your audience.

Key concepts covered include:

  • The Secret Formula to All Marketing
  • All about page migration & mergers
  • Make a great first impression!

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Let Us Make You Famous in Your Market

It’s hard to get hired by someone who doesn’t know you exist. But Social Simple’s proven methods make you the one people think of first. Social Simple makes them come to you.
In our courses, we tell you every secret we know to enable you to manage social media like a pro. But not everyone wants to handle the nuts and bolts. If you need hands-on help, we have teams of social marketing experts trained to our specifications and armed with our tactics that will do all the work for you.
Social Simple’s Done-for-You service takes the details and administration off your plate. Our experienced specialists implement all of the processes and tactics from the training courses without you having to fret timelines, editing, drafting, or distribution. It’s all taken care of.

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Mastering social media marketing takes more than just training. It’s a journey in which you grow and evolve over time. Along the way, you need support, answers to questions, feedback, guidance, encouragement and sometimes, you just need someone to do things for you because you are too busy and want results now. Our memberships are meant to give you everything you need to ensure your success.


See What Other Industry Leaders Have to Say About Bill

Bill Hillestad is a genius marketer. When it comes to using Facebook to generate leads and create personal brands, I don’t know anyone better.

Dave Savage
Mortgage Coach
I have had the pleasure of working directly with Bill and he can be a difference maker in any company. His knowledge of social media, marketing, and lead generation is unmatched.

Bill Dallas
President Finance of America
Bill Hillestad is one of the most brilliant minds in marketing that I’ve ever met. He always manages to be ahead of the curve in a meaningful and articulate way.

Barry Habib
CEO at MBS Highway
"Uber Marketing Genius" How else do I describe Bill? His mind works faster than anyone else I know. Bill is the man when it comes to bleeding edge strategies that get results. If you're fortunate enough to spend time with Bill, take good notes, you'll be glad you did.
Coach Bill Hart
Executive Coach
Bill Hillestad is not only one of the brightest marketing guru’s I know, but he has an understanding of Facebook that I’ve never found another human to embrace. To call him a marketing expert does not do him justice.

Cindy Ertman
CEO The Defining Difference
It’s very simple. I would not have achieved anywhere near the levels of success as an originator if it were not for Bill Hillestad being my partner and personal marketing guru. He is simply the smartest innovative marketing expert I know.

Tim Braheem
Originator, Speaker, Coach
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About us

Bill Hillestad

Entrepreneur. Marketing Innovator. Dynamic Speaker. Success Catalyst. Self-Confessed Nerd.

Throughout his 30+ year career in marketing, Bill’s efforts have contributed to over $40B in sales for clients ranging from the Fortune 100 to individual entrepreneurs just starting out.

Marketing Strategist

Bill is a ‘master of strategic possibilities’ which is hard to explain but it is right at the heart of his true passion. He looks at the challenges facing businesses and sees the art of the possible. He gets what consumers really want at a deep level and translates that into an unfair competitive advantage for those in search of more business. Bill and the team of experts at Social Simple have combined forces to bring those advantages to anyone with the drive and desire to excel in their field.

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