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We provide a premium product and a stellar service. Our group coaching is perfect if you’d like to acquire the tools and techniques to marketing and developing yourself and your brand to create an impact in your industry. If you simply want us to take the wheel and not only steer you in the right direction but get you to your destination then we also have the perfect deal for you.

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Live Training and Live Q&A

LIVE Training

In these session we show up live online and in your face to train you in various markeing tactics and strategies using the online tools available to use in this generation. These session alone make up for the value of your investment.



Have a burning question that needs answering? Well, these are the sessions that you don’t want to miss out on! Imagine having a vending machine of solutions you can choose from. Trust us, the same questions you’re asking others have asked before, we’re looking for you on the inside.


Instant Access to Ours Flagship Course, Facebook Marketing Made Simple

This comprehensive course consists of 62 video lesson notes, 10 worksheets and 35+ support documents that teach you everything you need to know to become an expert in Facebook video marketing.
Topics include:

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Group Coaching


$ 187 Per Month
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Pay as you Learn!
  • Full Access to All Courses
  • Twice Weekly Live Zoom Trainings


$ 1487 Per Year
  • One Year Subscription
  • Annual membership savings:
  • Save 33% Almost $750!
  • Full access to All Courses
  • Twice Weekly Live Zoom Tranings

Need 1-1 Coaching?

  • One on One Training
  • Customized Consulting
  • Individual or Small Groups
  • Perfect for a Small Office
    or Group

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