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Welcome to Facebook Marketing Made Simple! In this course, you will generate real business value using tried and tested Facebook marketing strategies. You’ll learn the step by step guide to generate leads efficiently and convert them far more effectively than other marketing channels. Key takeaways:
  • Make anyone “unforgettable” using social media, outperforming their CRM by 5 to 10 times
  • Generate 10k, 50k or even 100k video views a month at an average cost of 1 to 2 cents a view [How much more cost effective is this compared to other marketing channels]
  • Generate any quantity of leads they choose for themselves or for referral partners
  • Determine and optimize the cost of an origination so that business growth becomes a choice
  • Guide any partner they choose to become best known professional in their marketplace
  • Convert leads far more effectively and with a fraction of the effort it took before
Action Steps:
  1. Join the Social Simple Facebook Group
  2. Fill the Onboarding Survey

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